Verawa World

About Us

Verawa World distinguished itself from other ecotourism destination through its innovative blockchain implementations and excellent location, on one of Panama’s most unique ecotourism locations imaginable.  

Transforming Tourism

If humanity is to tackle todays problems of a growing global population, increased urbanization, scarcity of resources, climate change, combined with the recent uncertainties and consequences of pandemics, we not only have to rethink the way we live and work, but especially the way we travel.
As a result, the largest industry of the world with over 10% of GDP, Travel and Tourism, is currently dealing with a lot of challenges. According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO, 2020) the success of tourism destinations, in order to remain competitive in a global market place, will be depend on its “sustainability” and “innovation” achievements.


Previously popular mass-tourism destinations, with little eye for their environmental and social impact, have rapidly lost their level of desirability and attractiveness.
The trend is definitely moving towards tourism destinations that are environmentally and socially responsible, authentic, low density, nature rich, self-sustaining and provide a combination of eco, adventure, culture and wellness experiences.


Bureaucratic processes, unnecessary transaction costs, inefficiencies, lack of transparency, undemocratic centralized decisions and high property investment entrée barriers have a negative impact on the competitiveness and success of most existing tourism destination.
The trend requires the implementations of new concepts and technologies that improve transparency, fast, secure and cheap transactions, decentralization, democracy, combined with a liquid, borderless and easy way to invest in tourism and residential properties.

It is time to ‘transform’ our global tourism industry!

Adventure Wellness

Verawa World combines outdoor connection & adventures, paired with wellness & discovery. Because we believe in personal transformation and connecting our guests to healthy lifestyles.

Mission of Verawa World

With the development of Verawa World it is our mission to build a new world-class ecotourism destination on the Caribbean Coast of Panama, that encompasses 12 different themed resorts and the largest variety of eco-adventure and wellness activities of Latin America at one single destination.

Verawa World aims to revolutionize the global tourism industry and become an icon for innovation and sustainability achievement, by developing the world’s first blockchain empowered ecotourism destination that will enable Panama to become the #1 ecotourism destination of the Americas.

Through blockchain tokenization of all Verawa World´s land, assets, properties and commodities, combined with the implementation of AWACOIN for all payments and transactions, we aim to provide substantial social and economic benefits for our investors, residents, visitors, employees, local communities and natural environment.


By offering Tokenized Resort Rental Properties (RRP´s) it is our mission to provide property investors a wide range of innovative, flexible, liquid, secure and lucrative investment products in an attractive highly innovative and sustainable tourism destination that:


White Sand Beaches in the Caribbean

Think of the Caribbean, and the mind instantly conjures images of lonely, talcum-powder beaches fringed on one side by palm trees and clear water on the other. And happily, the reality holds entirely true.

Verawa World Land Portfolio

The Verawa World land portfolio consists of six beachfront properties with over 1,100 hectares of soft rolling hills with lush virgin rainforest and more than five kilometers of pristine beachfront. Each property was selected for its pristine nature, proximity to navigable rivers, as well as the quality of beachfront and views. The properties are strategically positioned between the new main road and the adjacent beach areas.

1.Playa Atlantis57 hectares2,150 meters
2.Playa Candelaria35 hectares850 meters
3.Playa Laguna42 hectares950 meters
4.Playa Blanca40 hectares450 meters
5.Playa Coco40 hectares950 meters
6.Wildlife Reserve900 hectares0 meters
Total1,114 hectares5,350 meters