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With Verawa World we are developing a revolutionized new eco system empowered by blockchain, offering substantial benefits of decentralization, transparency, efficiency, lower costs and a better overall tourism experience.





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Verawa World Master Plan

The Verawa World destination master plan encompasses the development of 12 Individual Themed Adventure Wellness Resorts with a total of 3,455 accommodations, utilities, infrastructure, 50+ ecotourism attractions and amenities, located along 10 kilometers of the most stunning part of the Caribbean Coast of Panama, at the heart of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor.

The master plan also includes a national airport, three river marinas, multiple residential areas, shopping areas, spa & wellness centers, MICE event centers, a 12 km electric aerial tram, eco adventure parks with 40+ outdoor activities, a 900-hectare Private Wildlife Reserve with research & visitors center and much more.

Semilla Rainforest Beach Resort243
Atlantis Aquaventure Beach Resort307
Pure Beach Resort181
Luxe Lifestyle Resort405
Guaymi Indian Village286
Avatar Canopy Camping Village340
Karma Tree House Resort254
Spice Beach Glamping240
Monkey Luxury Wildlife Resort289
Cliff’s Adventure Resort200
Coco Beach Spa Resort400
Awa Jungle River Resort310
Verawa Private Wildlife Reserve
Wildlife Sanctuary & Research Center
Support Facilities
Welcome Center
Ocean Marina
Aerial Tram
Airport & Parking
Eco Attraction Parks
Eco Farm

A Boost to Conservation

Ecotourism often proves to be a more sustainable development strategy than extractive uses of the land such as logging, grazing, mining, or agriculture.

Ecotourism Development

The master plan of Verawa World is designed on the basis of the highest ecological standards, with a small footprint, aiming maximum conservation of the surrounding pristine rainforest. Only 15% of the land will be used for sustainable developments. The remaining 85% of the land will be protected as a Private Wildlife Reserve.

The Verawa World eco destination master plan consists of six beachfront properties with over 1,100 hectares of soft rolling hills with lush virgin rainforest and more than five kilometers of pristine beachfront. Each property was selected for its pristine nature, proximity to navigable rivers, as well as the quality of beachfront and views.

Verawa World Panama - Veraguas Province Panama - Adventure World Beach

    All Themed Adventure Wellness Resorts will be developed at the most outstanding and inspiring locations along this part of the coast; nearby river mouths, on top of big cliffs overlooking the ocean or in front of one of its untouched palm fringed white sand beaches. Each resort will have a unique master plan with distinctive tropical, contemporary and biophilic designs and will be developed around specific themes in order to offer a wide diversity of wellness, eco, adventure, wildlife or culture experiences for different targets groups at different price levels.

Verawa World Panama - Veraguas Province Panama

    The resorts, amenities and attractions will be interconnected through a variety of different eco trails for electric cars, electric scooters, mountain bikes and horses, combined with a canopy zip line and electric aerial tram. A total of 30 kilometers of trails offer different ways to experience the amazingly divers beautiful coast line and rain forest. The trails will connect the main amenities and natural attractions, with all kinds of bridges crossing numerous rivers and special look-out platforms at the most instagrammable locations; on top of impressive rocky outcrops and cliffs overlooking the ocean, at waterfalls, river mouths, stunning beaches, ocean caves and small islands.

Verawa World Panama - Veraguas Province Panama

    The 12 kilometer “electric aerial tram cruise” and “canopy zip line” also connect the different resorts and amenities along the VERAWA WORLD coast. Both offer a unique perspective of the rain forest, its wildlife and viewpoints otherwise unachievable on the ground. At a height almost touching the treetops visitors will have the possibility to see a variety of birds that nest there, sloths and several species of monkeys.

Verawa World Panama - Veraguas Province Panama

    Within Verawa World an airport will be developed to receive national flights from Panama City (35 minutes) and the tourism destination Bocas del Toro (20 minutes). The runway of the airport, located near the entrance of VERAWA WORLD adjacent to the main road, measures 1,500 lm (4,500 ft) by 30 lm (90 ft) and will be able to receive planes up to 100,000 lb (45,500 kg). In a later phase we will increase the length of the runway to 2,500 (7,500 ft) lm by 60 lm (180 ft) to receive international flights.

Verawa World Panama - Veraguas Province Panama

    The ocean marina within Verawa World will be a full-service marina with 187 slips for commercial, recreational, research and safety vessels, guest docking facilities, hoists, work area, restaurant, café and bar, laundry facilities, ships chandlery and boat sales, rentals and lessons. From the marina there will be daily boat tours to the surrounding tourism destinations, like the island of Escudo de Veraguas, the Archipelago of Bocas del Toro, the Ngäbe-Buglé Comarca and the nearby beaches and coastal villages.

Verawa World Panama - Veraguas Province Panama

Sustainable Living

Each Verawa World resort will contain a variety of rental properties, social areas, parks, greenhouses and public buildings, with built-in sustainable features, such as solar power, communal fruit and vegetable gardens and shared water and waste management systems.

Self-Sustaining Development

Today’s problems of a growing global population, increased urbanization, scarcity of resources, climate change, combined with the recent risks and concerns of pandemics have made the world a more uncertain place. We believe that these global problems might lead to increased tensions with unforeseen consequences.

The Verawa World eco development is resource based and 100% self-sustaining, which means we can always rely on our most important resources; renewable energy, fresh drinking water and organic food.

  • Renewable Energy

    The Verawa World eco destination will be powered by 100% renewable energy through a combination of a “Central Solar Park” and several “Micro Hydro Plants” in the rivers, to provide sufficient and constant energy for all accommodations, buildings, utilities and transportation.

  • Fresh Water

    For the provision of high quality fresh drinking water, each resort within Verawa World will have at least two sources of water year round. With wells we have a constant source of high quality ground water. In addition to our wells, running water in the form of springs, rivers and streams provide as an excellent source of water for our resorts, livestock and crops. All water will be disinfected prior to drinking.

  • Organic Food

    Verawa World is located in a tropical climate, with ideal soil conditions that makes it the perfect place to maximize the amount of crops we can grow. For our guests we provide “doorstep high-yield organic food production”. Our restaurants are based on “farm to table” concepts. With the use of hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics we can increase the diversity of our organic crops and the yield per hectare.

Verawa World Panama - Veraguas Province Panama

Social Responsibility

By improving the quality of living of the local families and decrease levels of unemployment in the region we aim to provide an economic alternative for deforestation and illegal hunting & wildlife Trade.

Nature Conservation

Verawa World is committed to the protection and conservation of the environment as well as the sustainable development of the region. Our conservation and sustainability initiatives will be implemented in three main areas:


Primary forest covers 85% of the property. There are many endangered species whose protection will be ensured within Verawa World. Big cats that roam the area include the jaguar and cougar. Other emblematic species are herbivores like Baird’s Tapir and monkeys including the white-headed capuchin. We give high priority to the protection of the nesting ground of sea turtles, specifically for two threatened species: the endangered Hawksbill and the vulnerable Leatherback Turtle. 


The Caribbean Coast of Veraguas is part of an extensive area of great biological wealth. It is located in the center buffer zones of the “Atlantic Biological Corridor of Panamá”, which is part of the greater eco system of the “Mesoamerican Biological Corridor”. The area acts as a natural land bridge from South America to North America, which is important for species who use the bridge in migration. Due to the extensive unique habitat types, Mesoamerican Biological Corridor contains somewhere between 7% and 10% of the world’s known species.


Within Verawa World a 900-hectare (2,200+ Acres) Private Wildlife Reserve will be dedicated to protect the most important asset of the destination; the “Eco System” with its bio diverse rain forest and abundance of wildlife. The Wildlife Reserve also includes:

  • Research Center

    In the center of the Wildlife Reserve an internationally manned “Research and Environmental Information Center”, will be committed to do research to biodiversity conservation, species´ connectivity and the reintroduction of endangered species.

  • Animal Reintroduction Program

    Several wild animal species, like Macaws, Monkey, Minati and Slots are now uncommon due to population declines from catpure for the pet trade, habitat loss, and hunting. With a team of biologists, we aim to gradually restore the extinct wild animal populations.

Verawa World Panama - Veraguas Province Panama