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PURE BEACH RESORT (PURE) encompasses the development of the first themed resort within Verawa World, combined with the development of infrastructure (including multiple eco trails), project access, tourism amenities and utilities. PURE consists of 186 individual hotel & residential units and is located on a stunning 10.8-hectare beachfront property, perfectly cornered between an untouched palm fringed white sand beach and the mouth of the Candelária River.

PURE is designed as a Self-Sustainable Adventure Wellness Ecotourism Community on the basis of a zero-impact development strategy, fully powered by solar energy, offering “from farm to table” restaurants and commitment to the conservation of the adjacent 900-hectare (2,200-acres) Private and Wildlife Reserve.

PURE will offer its guests unforgettable experiences that connects them to the natural beauty and ecological abundance of the Caribbean of Veraguas. The project offers a combination of exhilarating recreation, a healthy peaceful environment and effortless luxury with a strong ethos of environmental stewardship and community.

The master plan of the project includes luxurious accommodations connected by boardwalks and elevated pathways, al fresco restaurants, a spectacular beach club with infinity pools, a river marina, an adventure park with 30+ eco outdoor activities, a holist spa & wellness center, an event center and an abundance of tropical gardens.

The atmosphere throughout PURE is a blend of authentic Caribbean grace, modern comfort and barefoot elegance. All the villa´s and resort accommodations are focused on biophilic designs and are private havens away from technology and television with terraces or balconies that overlook our gardens, the imposing Candelária river or a clear blue Caribbean Sea. Most of the villas have their own private entrances, outdoor pavilion and a plunge pool.

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Master Plan Pure


“Biophilia is the passionate love of life and of all that is alive”· Biophilic Design is the practice of connecting people and nature within Verawa World, it’s about making sure that the building doesn’t act as a barrier to nature, but rather as a bridge.

Project Design

Our designs have adventure wellness and nature at the heart and show great understanding of the infrastructure needed to support it successfully. The Master Plan seamlessly blend contemporary and biophilic design elements, including a strong sense of rhythm and natural order. The master plan is designed towards minimization of the resorts´ ecological foot print and maximization of an active healthy living experience for our guests and residents. The resort master plan encompasses 186 accommodations complemented with adventure wellness amenities.

Verawa World Panama - Veraguas Province Panama

Wellness Experiences

The demand for wellness tourism has been rapidly growing since 2013 and in 2018 it was growing more than twice as fast as general tourism. The demand for this is only set to rise after the risk of COVID-19 dissipates.

Spa & Wellness Center

The Spa & Wellness Center is located on a large rock outcrop with stunning beach and ocean views. PURE SPA & WELLNESS CENTER is a tranquil retreat which offers a spacious, clean, air-conditioned gym, a beautiful class studio overlooking the ocean, a cozy, tastefully appointed day spa and an upscale organic boutique featuring native products. Spa & wellness programs offer a holistic integration of healthy, wholefood cuisine, rejuvenating spa treatments, movement, mindfulness, daily scheduled activities, hands-on wellness workshops, yoga or meditation classes and natural health practices. Body treatments, massage therapies, skin, hair and nail treatments are all designed to honor the healing cultures of the region.


Sophisticated and tropical modern event spaces filled with natural light for business events to birthdays, Verawa World will offer options for events of all sizes.

Event Center

Whether it is a wedding ceremony and reception, a team building event, a back to nature experience, a celebration, a corporate meeting or any other get-together, The PURE EVENT CENTER is a perfect fit for any occasion for local and international events. The Event Center is located next to the Spa & Wellness Center. The site will be built on top of two rock outcrops, offering stunning ocean views. The site is separated from the rest of the resort to assure the feeling of exclusivity and avoid disturbance by tourists or day-visitors.


Our Eco Adventure Park is a place for families and anybody who wants to have fun in Verawa World. With our future facilities, activities, and the can-do attitude of our staff visitors will find comfort yet excitement in every moment during their stay

Eco Adventure Park

The major anchor and differentiator is the PURE ECO ADVENTURE PARK, which includes a “Superman” zip line measuring 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) placing it among the longest in Latin America. In total, nearly 3 miles of zip lines will zigzag through the rainforest down the mountain to the beach area.

The Resort´s Eco Adventure Park offers both day visitors as well as over-night visitors a wide range of 30+ eco friendly land and ocean adventure activities from a single location for a single-entry fee, including zip-line, canopy tour, kayaking, surfing, wall climbing, snorkeling, fishing, horse riding, hiking, mountain biking, etc). The objective of the Eco Adventure Park is to maintain a consistent and superior level of quality, safety, service, authenticity, innovation, affordability and convenience. Off-site adventure tours will be organized to national parks, coastal villages, islands, other nearby beaches, Indian villages and rivers.

Verawa World Panama - Veraguas Province Panama

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